Magix Video Pro X13 V19.0.1.123 Crack is the only video editing software that makes professional video products accessible to everyone. With editing tools and an intuitive flow, starting with video pro x is easier than other professional video editors. The new video engine enables uninterested and uninterested high resolution 4K ultra-HD content on any computer.

MAGIX Video Pro X13 V19.0.1.123 Main Features:

Intuitive video output

It does not matter how complicated your movie plan, you can get it quickly. Advantages like effective workflow and innovative features such as flexible track management on multi-format timelines. Access “split and trim” such as 3- and 4-point modifications, multiple, or one-click editing tools. A real-time audio mixer and audio cleaning tool are included to improve video sound.

Precise correction

Full-color rating or quick-visible table app with calibration curves – Find the maximum color matches on the level you need. The proposed Mercalli V5 suite is now included to stabilize the breaks or unfortunately images – in real-time and precision at a high level.

High image quality in ultra-HD 8K

Magix Video Pro X13 Patch is always synonymous with technical innovation outside industry standards. Find the resolutions to get 8K ultra, the latest HDR color space, and movie studio effects, and professional results. A powerful video engine means completely transparent video modification, for complex multi-project projects.

Infusion Engine 2.

Smooth editing of video projects up to 8K. It is made possible by the extensive support for AVC and HEVC content to waste Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA graphics cards.

HiDPI Editing Interface

The high-resolution interface also guarantees maximum contrast and readability on a 4K monitor. The new icon design is the most modern and allows fast and more efficient workflow.

Real-time video styling

Quickly correct video content quickly and provide times without extended analysis. The real-time image of the produced Mercalli V5 Suite is now possible.

Split and trim

Including animated preview with the new “distribution and trim” tool, video clips preview and trimming is always easier than ever. Move the tool with just a timeline and click to edit live preview on a video monitor. To the correct and straight cut of video clips.

Full track handling

Songs can now be restored, can be deleted and copied, even retrospective. Using the active target track, you can import media like videos or music with absolute precision on the desired position in the timeline. New color schemes for tracks and accessories provide a clear picture of accessories.

G and l cut

Audio and video can be freely cut using shortcuts. Documentation and Interviews are now easy to edit anywhere with a smooth workflow and overloading items.

Find and close the space

New Split and Foot Tool place all the spaces on the timeline – you can easily close only with one click. All clips are credited correctly without leaving the black frame.

Mouse mode “Moving object content”

Video object content can now be easily selected to maintain the editing speed.

MultiRack and Multi Heritage Timeline

multi-track and multi-format timelines allow you to import and modify different video formats in SD, HD, and UHD resolutions without changing files in owned intermediate formats.

Three and four-point modification

Easy to enter video clips in the timeline using three and four-point modifications features. You can start the video monitor and timeline by starting and determining the end positions.

Taking time

In the Magix Video Pro, you can easily pull the items in the timeline and change the length of video and audio items by contracting. The audio object maintains its original head.

Defeat-based amendment

Using the new snap marker, you can now trim the music to fit the scene in your movie.

Advanced search for space

Magix Video Pro X13 V19.0.1.123 was a special tool for unwanted black areas between clips in keygen. Only search and list the program settings will list all sects. Then can be selected individually and can change as needed.

Nested layout multi-Multicam modification

Multi-camera mode allows you to monitor real-time footage on nine tracks, depending on the system performance. By clicking the preview video, you can change the approach in real-time and mark all the changes in a precise and organic way. By analyzing audio content, multimedia recording can automatically sync and add first.

Action templates

Find the wide selection of movies and Montage templates with Magix Video Pro X13 V19.0.1.123 Serial Key. Templates are an effective way to create movies without any effort and more effort.

Full Package for 360 Videos

With the new 360 automatic image stability feature, custom 360 transitions, and built-in integration, is your full solution for video pro X 360 modification. Video Pro X can handle 360 ​​videos ?? All standard 360 cameras up to 4K quality.

HiDPI interface

Enjoy the video prox interface: Crisp, crisp, and intuitive, even on a 4K monitor.

Resume dialog

Your new Intel talks offer a better review and better direction. Project templates are clearly organized in different types with names described. The limit of specific formats for vertical video and social media platforms has been increased, you have to make the right form easy and your project has been easy to quickly start.

Vertical Videos

MAGIX Video Pro X13 V19.0.123 license key offers vertical projects and an export template, which is very useful for recording on smartphones and posting on social networks. Videos recorded in portrait mode are automatically recognized and adjusted in video pro x.


Choose the perfect color shade with just one click. The color picker contains a wide variety of colors and works in real-time, so you can easily find the right color. Now you can also use it to design colors in the plug-in plugins and title editor. Easy and saves a lot of time.

Export Babar

Shapes can now be exported individually using batch conversion instead of exporting the whole movie.

Changed Transfer Menu

Click the transfer sign in the arranger to open the object and display the model area. Dynamically change the menu as you use transitions, save or mark the transfer as a favorite in your lists. In this way, you can easily find the transition you want the next time you use the program.

Integrate your own camera and loot effects

The full version of the Magix Video Pro X12 allows you to embed its own collection of tables ignored in this effect, it makes it easier to use, just like the lusts provided by this program.

Modern effects pool and workflow

The previous version of the media sets to adopt modern and workflow. The plugin dialog has also been updated using the latest GUI technology.

New start dialog

Featuring an easy workflow and a new interface.

Purchase individual content in these app stores

Buy on the specific content you need, not the entire package from the App Program Shop.

New Media Pool and these App Store

The latest flexibility of effects in video pro x. The Magix Movie is also used in the video pro X bought for the modification pro.

Search tables

Manage to ignore tables – now available on video pro x! Import the camera loot, create custom ideas with loot or predefined design, and record your own returns using the snapshot mapping feature.

Snap marker

The new snap marker allows you to mark the specific points on video items. On the edges of objects and a stabber can be used to rotate and stop positions in the middle. It is useful for cutting, moving, and syncing items.

System requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/10.
  • Processor: Dual-core processor with 2.4 GHz
  • RAM: 2 GB RAM (Recommended 4 GB)
  • Hard disk space: 2GB or higher



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